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Falling Into Place

Welcoming our Newest Team Member, Kim Farwell!

Life has been fast and furious here at Pivot Marketing over the past several months. However, it’s a fast and furious that is filled with so much excitement, growth, and learning. It’s a fast and furious that is helping us to push our boundaries and continue to think outside the box. It’s a fast and furious that keeps us on our toes and seeking new opportunities.

And sometimes, even in the fast and furious, we take a step back and realize that pieces of the puzzle are falling into place, as if they were meant to be that way all along. And that’s exactly what it has been like to welcome our newest amazing team member, Kim Farwell, to the crew.

Kim Farwell joined the Pivot Marketing team in early March 2022, and she’s been a seamless integration to the team since day one. Kim has joined us as our newest Digital Marketing Associate where she brings with her a passion for managing and addressing client needs, a love of developing strategic, on-brand content, a keen attention to detail, and knack for crisp, fresh graphic design. Most recently, Kim has worked as Creative Brand Associate at LONDONmiddelbury in South Burlington where she was responsible for copywriting, communications, strategic planning, and content development for a diverse client base. She also assisted with graphic design projects, website management, and social media management across accounts. Prior to that, Kim was Project Manager and Communications Specialist at Westwood International in Stowe where she created content for targeted email campaigns, designed event brochures and information packets for events and conferences, managed client communications, and managed social media platforms.

When Kim isn't tackling new Pivot projects, she and her little girl Marley love to ride bikes, spend time with friends, do art projects, read, snuggle, or look for adventures. Kim also loves skiing, camping, hiking, travel, good food, good wine, long walks with her rescue pup Ollie, and relaxing at the beach. Kim plans to relocate back to her home state of Maine, where she looks forward to being closer to family, taking full advantage of living by the ocean, and diving headfirst into the Pine Tree State's delicious food scene whenever possible.

We're thrilled to welcome Kim to the Pivot team!

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