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Get Ready: Steps to Prepare Facebook Ads Manager Ahead of iOS 14 Updates to Tracking Transparency

Take a few simple steps to prepare your Facebook Ads Account

As you may have heard, Apple has announced changes with iOS 14 that will require all mobile apps to show a prompt to iOS 14 users, requiring users to opt in to grant apps access to their information. In the process, Facebook is likely going to lose a lot of access to user data as a result of these changes, and this will change how Facebook Ads tracks and processes events. These changes from Apple (ie, the enforcement of the tracking transparency prompt) are likely coming in early-mid April— though Apple hasn’t officially announced a date yet. In the meantime, we’ve outlined a few action items to help you prepare for this change below:

1- Verify your domain in Facebook Business Manager

To ensure there’s no ownership conflict for the domain’s conversion event configuration, and to avoid any disruption in the future, it’s important to verify your domain. This verification allows you to control editing privileges of your links and other content to confirm that no one else is misusing your domain.

How to Verify: In Facebook Ads Manager, click on Settings > Brand Safety > Domains > Add Domain. From here, there are three ways that you can claim and verify your domain.

  1. Add DNS txt record to your domain host

  2. Upload HTML verification file to your website

  3. Set the meta-tag containing the verification code into the header section of your website

There are detailed video instructions to the first two methods at the bottom of this page from Facebook, and you can also check out this helpful article from which outlines all 3 methods of domain verification.

2 - Prepare to operate and define the priority of a maximum of 8 conversion events per domain

Confirm that your conversion events do not exceed the new maximum of 8. Should you need to exceed this threshold, you will need to identify and prioritize the most important events in ranking order.

3 - Anticipate changes to attribution windows and update automated rules

A new default attribution window of 7-day click will be implemented. (We have seen this automatically change in several accounts, which results in the appearance of fewer leads attributed to Facebook.) You may want to check your account to see if your default attribution windows have been change.

Going forward, our goal for clients will be to keep our data as accurate as possible in your Facebook account, but also leverage our tracking through Google Analytics to ensure we are seeing as full of a picture as possible when it comes to reporting on the performance of Facebook Ads.

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