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Here We GROW Again!

Two and a half years ago when I started Pivot Marketing (crazy, right?!), I didn’t fully envision what this new venture could grow into. I knew that I wanted to create a career for myself where work, family, and all my other life priorities and passions could co-exist. AND, in talking with friends and former colleagues, I knew this was something that I didn’t want just for myself, but I wanted to find ways to share this with others. That, combined with an underlying passion for success in just about everything I do, led Pivot Marketing on a journey of growth.

So here we are 30 months later, and welcoming our 8th team member, Cassie Gendron! Cassie is joining Pivot Marketing as a Digital Marketing Associate. Cassie has a deep passion for supporting others, and throughout her career, that has led her to a variety of roles. With an education in social work, and a background in volunteering, she has landed positions that have allowed her to support customers and clients, first in the world of banking as a loan specialist, and then in wealth planning and management, and most recently as an executive assistant. As Cassie shared with us during one of her interviews, “I just really love helping people, in whatever form that takes. I love the idea now of helping people to grow their businesses, especially when you get to learn more about who your clients are, and what is most important to them.”

Cassie made the decision just over a year ago to take the leap to “pivot” her career (we love that!). After spending time in finance, and not feeling it was quite the right industry for her, Cassie chose to take some time off, enjoy time with her husband and small children, and make room to explore her passions and take some classes. After completing an 8-week Digital Marketing Fundamentals course through the University of Vermont, Cassie set her sights on finding a job within the marketing industry.

We are so excited that Cassie is joining our team, and is passionate about this industry and about absorbing as much as she absolutely can. We have no doubt that she will be an amazing addition to the team, and will grow into an adept, detail-oriented, client-focused marketer.

Born and raised in Vermont, Cassie loves to take advantage of all our beautiful state has to offer. Outside of the office, you may find Cassie boating, dining out, brewery hopping, taking a yoga class, planning parties, taking a tap dance class, and spending lots of quality time with nearby family and friends.

Welcome to the team Cassie!

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