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Bring It 2021. We're Teamed Up and Ready.

We all know, 2020 wasn't the most stellar year. But despite it all, we made it through (even if it felt like a slow crawl at the end). And while we all know that in reality nothing earth-shattering actually changes when the clock strikes midnight on December 31st, we can't help but set our sights on new beginnings, fresh starts, and genuine hope for an awesome year to come. I think, in part, this speaks to the resiliency of our human nature— looking forward to the positive, maintaining hope, making plans for our "next."

At Pivot, we are so thrilled and so lucky to ring in 2021 with news of a new addition to the team— Milagro Carranza. Milagro is joining the Pivot Crew as Digital Marketing Manager, and will be taking on a key role in helping to manage paid search and paid social activities across clients. Milagro is joining the team after having spent several years as an SEM Specialist at iMarket Solutions and Digital Marketing Manager at American Meadows. Most recently, Milagro completed a Software Development Bootcamp through the Burlington Code Academy, and brings a depth of experience in Google Ads, Google Analytics, Hubspot, and reporting and analysis.

In addition to all things digital marketing, Milagro enjoys exploring new hiking trails, kayaking, spending time at the lake, and petting every single dog she meets. She also loves traveling and gardening at her home in Colchester, Vermont.

So here we are, teamed up, looking ahead to great things, and ready to take on 2021.

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