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Our Dream Team Just Got Dreamier

What makes a dream team? While team members' skills, expertise, and work ethic go a long way, we think a dream team is so much more than that. For us, a dream team is being able to work together toward a unified goal in meaningful ways. It means being able to rely on each other, and know that they’ll be able to pick up where we may leave off. It means open communication, and a willingness to share, provide feedback, and accept feedback. But perhaps most important, a dream team is about truly enjoying who you work with, having fun together, and finding ways to laugh, even when things get tough.

This week, we are so lucky to have Laura Camy join our “dream” team as our newest Client Support Specialist. Laura will be playing a critical role in supporting our clients’ customer base through live chat, email and outbound phone calls. In addition to this high-touch customer nurturing, Laura will also be helping to elevate our Client Support Center through evaluation of customer service activities to streamline the digital user experience and provide direct customer feedback to help bolster our digital marketing messaging and strategy. Also, Laura joins the team with a passion for digital marketing. We’re excited that she’ll be able to inform and impact digital marketing reporting and messaging with the unique perspectives that she’ll bring to the table.

Laura comes to Pivot Marketing with a deep passion for supporting others, driving results, and delivering top-notch customer experiences. Most recently, Laura served as Admissions Advisor at Kaplan Higher Education where she managed outreached to potential students, interviewed and counseled prospective students into academic programs that fit their needs, and continuously contributed to the strategic initiatives to guide students through the admissions funnel. Prior to Kaplan, Laura has spent over 10 years in various higher education roles as a Senior Admissions Representative, Outreach Admissions Counselor, and Enrollment Advisor. She brings to Pivot Marketing a depth of expertise in building and maintaining customer and student relationships and adeptly guiding them through the sales and enrollment process. Her desire to use her newly developed skills in digital marketing and her drive for top notch customer support make her a perfect and “dreamy” fit for the Pivot team.

When Laura is not busy supporting students and customers, she loves being a mom to her 6 year old son and 2 year old daughter. She also enjoys traveling to new places, exploring new foods, family movie nights, and is always up for a Target run. Her favorite quote that she lives by is, "If you don't like something, change it. If you can't change it, change your attitude."- Maya Angelou

Welcome to the team Laura!

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