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Partner Up | Welcoming Angela Corby to the Team

A few years ago, I interviewed for a role at a marketing agency. As part of the interview process, I met with a woman who would be a colleague I would be working closely with— I would be leading digital marketing efforts for clients, and she would be managing client engagement and their customer success. Within moments of meeting my interviewer, I knew I had found not only an ideal professional counterpart, but a true lifelong friend. We jived on everything from tracking data, to communication with clients, to attributing revenue data to marketing tactics, to raising young children. As the interview wrapped up, I went in for a big hug and said, “I think we’re going to be buddies.” I immediately regretted this decision and abruptly realized how “unprofessional” that was of me. But despite my uncontrollable hugging, I did get the job and worked for 18 months with someone who “got me” professionally. When I moved on from that role, we both agreed that we’d love the chance to work together again in the future.

Today, I’m thrilled to share this “buddy” of mine - Angela Corby - is joining Pivot Marketing as Partner and Head of Client Success. We’ve brought on Angela to help move Pivot Marketing into our next phase of growth and provide an even deeper strategy to our client marketing efforts. Angela joins us after 5 years in an executive role at MindMax, a higher ed marketing & enrollment consulting agency out of the Boston area focusing on online distance education. She successfully spearheaded significant growth for several higher education clients in both revenue and student acquisition. Prior to joining MindMax, Angela was the Executive Director and Regional Enrollment Director at an adult technical educational school in the Boston area including overseeing all operations, academics, admissions, and financial aid staff coordinating in person, hybrid and online education and successfully increased revenue opportunity and improved retention. Focused on client outcomes and growth, Angela will be looking to bring her 15 years of experience leading successful marketing and enrollment teams to not only expand our offerings at Pivot Marketing, but to connect digital marketing with the revenue and sales process for clients. Angela has a depth of experience in enrollment management, and is adept at marrying digital marketing data with the CRM data in a variety of systems, but most notably Salesforce and Pardot. As a self proclaimed data geek, Angela is excited to help to dig into some of the results and identify additional opportunities for client and Pivot growth.

In her free time, Angela enjoys her three girls, twin fun loving 8 year olds, and a 6 year old spunky self proclaimed “princess” of the family, running to and from soccer games, and fitting in lots of outdoor adventures in the Vermont and New Hampshire fresh air. She talks fast and moves fast and is filled with boundless energy for her family and her career.

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