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Silver Linings

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

So, a Pandemic Happened... Just over a year ago, on March 15, 2019, I incorporated Pivot Marketing LLC. It was a big day, and a huge leap of faith. Those next 11 months proved to be an awesome, exciting, challenging, fun, exhausting, demanding and all around exhilarating adventure . And when I came up for air, I realized I was quickly approaching my one year anniversary of being in business and of making this all work. It felt like Pivot Marketing was hitting a true milestone.

And then, like a punch in the face, COVID-19 happened. So instead of celebrating a one year anniversary on Sunday, March 15, 2020… I was crying over an email with the subject line “School closing announcement.” This came on the heels of various other closings, rumblings of lockdowns, and lots and lots of unknowns. And suddenly, life as we knew it was turned upside down.

Silver Linings But the universe has a funny way of providing us with silver linings. Despite some lost business, and a lot of uncertainty, we’ve also found ways to support clients through these unprecedented changes. We’ve been inspired by the companies and organizations who are finding innovative ways to shift and adapt their businesses to meet the needs of the moment, and have been thrilled to be able to partner with some of them. And on this path of innovating and pivoting (see what I did there?), we discovered the need to grow our team. Is it risky and scary? Sure is. But does it feel like a smart decision in the moment? It sure does.

Carli Riibner, Pivot Marketing's new Digital Marketing Associate

And as luck would have it, we are not only growing our team, but we’re bringing on a stellar addition and a true digital rockstar-in-the-making. We are so pleased to announce our silver lining in this pandemic, our new Digital Marketing Associate, Carli Riibner.

Welcome to Pivot, Carli!

Carli is a new University of Vermont graduate and a Grossman School of Business Scholar, who studied Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing. She’s bolstered her formal education with a variety of internships and part-time positions at UVM, SiriusXM, and Washington Spirit (D.C.s professional women’s soccer team). Carli also had the opportunity to be featured in a podcast that followed her job search process as she transitioned from college to career. Check it out here.

In her free time, Carli enjoys playing soccer and had the chance to go to club soccer nationals in Austin, Texas and Phoenix, Arizona with the UVM Women’s Club Soccer Team. She also loves skiing, traveling, finding hidden food gems, and picking out giant sunflowers at the Burlington Farmer's Market. To connect with Carli, visit her LinkedIn profile.

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