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Strengthening Our Foundation

Updated: Jan 10

... and Welcoming our Newest Team Member, Sonja Guskea!

When we begin our work with clients, we often speak of building a foundation. We strongly believe that before we get to the work of helping a client drive new, qualified traffic to a website, we need to ensure the tools are in place to enable that traffic to get the information they need, take the actions we want them to take, and ensure we can effectively nurture and follow up with that traffic to encourage them to become customers. Building a foundation is critical to the success of what we do here at Pivot Marketing.

Which is why it was serendipitous when an acquaintance reached out to learn more about what we were up to here at Pivot Marketing. As we were speaking about how Pivot is growing as a business, it occurred to me that we needed to revisit our foundation. We have been so lucky to both continue working with amazing clients and grow our new client base. Regardless of how many clients we have, we strive to give each and every client the service and attention they need, as well as clear and consistent communication. As we grow however, keeping up with this promise means we need to bolster our own foundation to make this work. And, as luck would have it, the acquaintance I was speaking with just so happened to have all the right skills to help us continue to build that foundation.

So, without further ado, we are thrilled to welcome Sonja Guskea to the Pivot family as Client Operations Coordinator. In her role, Sonja will support communications with our clients and will also help wrangle internal processes for supporting our clients. Sonja’s knowledge of digital marketing, combined with her keen attention to detail, organized nature, and love of processes and efficiencies will no doubt add a layer of strength to Pivot’s foundation.

Sonja comes to us after working for the past two and a half years as Connections Manager at Guru Media Solutions. Prior to that, Sonja was a Marketing & Operations Associate at Vermont Flight Academy and Senior Connections Buyer at KSV. Sonja is well-versed in all things media buying and has expertly strategized, planned, and executed media buys in a variety of industries. Additionally, she has developed budgets, worked closely monitoring spending against those budgets, and conducted ongoing reconciliations of media and invoices to ensure accuracy throughout the process. We’re excited to leverage these skills in Sonja’s new role here at Pivot Marketing.

When she’s not focused on putting new processes into place at Pivot, Sonja loves

walks and watching hockey games, and water aerobics with her mom! She also enjoys any and all quality time with her family (especially card games), trying out new restaurants, and swimming laps at the gym. Sonja also has a passion for designing jewelry and plans to open an Etsy shop in the near future.

Welcome to the team, Sonja!

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