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Supporting Our Clients With A Smile

... and expanding our Client Support Team welcoming Brie Velazquez!

Last year, when we made the decision to expand Pivot Marketing’s services to include a Client Support team, we knew finding the right team members to support our growing list of clients would be paramount to our success, and our clients’ success. It was clear from the beginning that we could not just hire anyone into these roles - we knew we wanted to build a support team that truly embodies professionalism, hard work, and a love of supporting others! We always say, you need to be the right person to absolutely love making phone calls, enjoy talking to hundreds of people over the phone, and also maintain a consistent upbeat and positive attitude throughout the process. Working in any support role, the importance of personality and professionalism is paramount to success and positive results.

So when a valued, talented and successful team member, Laura Camy, suggested a former colleague as a potential Pivot support employee, we knew we found the right person. Brie Velazquez started as an admissions associate and front desk support in 2013 where she crossed paths with both myself and Laura. I recalled Brie as a hard worker with a consistent pleasant and positive attitude. After working with her for a few years, and then Brie moving on to expand her resume with another 10 years in the service industry, I was thrilled to see the core of who she is had not changed. She still possessed her naturally bubbly personality and “can-do” attitude and was excited to join our growing team.

So, we are thrilled to welcome Brie Velazquez to the Pivot Marketing family as Client Support Associate. In her role, Brie will help to support our clients through various platforms including live chat support, outbound and inbound calls, and emails. Brie’s knowledge of customer service, time management skills, combined with her experience working with high performing admissions teams, along with her gift of gab, will add another layer of personality and professionalism to our Client Support team.

Brie comes to us while working for the past three years as the lead service associate at a hotel in Houston, Texas. Before that, Brie was honing her customer service and guest service experience as a valued member of varied teams in the restaurant industry. Brie has worked in a range of industries including spending several years as Sales Associate at Lovesac furniture store, a Radiology Associate at Winchester Hospital, and an Administrative Assistant at Lincoln Technical Institute. While Brie brings a wide variety of employment experience, there is one thing that has remained constant in each role - her high level of customer service and enjoyment of working with people in an outgoing environment.

When she’s not focused on talking to customers and students at Pivot, Brie loves to enjoy the Houston sun, meditate, roller skate, bake, and spend time with her dog. She also embraces the quality time to continuously work on improving herself through various mindfulness publications and classes. …..Welcome to the team, Brie!

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