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Pivot Marketing strives to meet your digital marketing needs within a budget that makes sense for you and your business. We work with our clients on an hourly rate - so you are getting exactly what you pay for, with full transparency around the work being delivered to you. We have two approaches to working with clients:

Approach 1: Ongoing Collaboration

An extension of your internal team working together to grow your business.

Our preferred method of working with clients is to integrate ourselves as a truly collaborative partner. Together we establish a range of hours that you would like to retain Pivot Marketing each month, based on your digital marketing needs and your budget, which allows us to work together through the development, implementation, management, and optimization of your digital marketing priorities. This works well for clients whose priorities may shift and fluctuate, and need to scale up and scale down, with shifting business needs and budgets.

Approach 2: Project-Based

Specific projects with shorter timelines for big impact.

We also work with clients to help identify key digital marketing priorities and set up project-based contracts. In this approach, Pivot Marketing will provide an estimated number of hours and timeline to complete each project. This works well for clients who have a clear understanding of separate and discrete projects they would like to accomplish, but who may need less ongoing digital marketing consultation and support. Clients who want to “test run” our services before committing to an ongoing relationship also enjoy doing a project-based contract to start.

Additional Options: Fee-Based Services


projects and a great way to take Pivot for a test run.

  • Digital Marketing Roadmap

  • SEO Audit & Strategy Recommendations

  • Paid Search (Google Ads) Audit & Strategy Recommendations

  • Paid Social (Facebook/Instagram) Audit & Strategy Recommendations

Whether your business already has a digital marketing presence and website or if you are just beginning to “dip a toe” in the digital waters and need trustworthy professionals to help advise, plan, and design what you need to take your business to the next level, Pivot Marketing can help.  

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