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And Then There Were Two...

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

Two blogs posts. Two Pivot Marketers. Seven months ago, when I started Pivot Marketing, I believed - and was excited - that I would have more time to blog. Writing is something that I’ve always enjoyed and at the outset of Pivot Marketing, I was eager for the opportunity to write about the experiences of starting a small business, sharing marketing advice, and addressing the challenges of work life harmony. I still hope to get to a place of having more time to write, and today, with some exciting news and blog post #2, it feels like I'm one step closer.

As for that big news... in September, I had the opportunity to hire Pivot’s first full-time employee. Not only does this feel like a tremendous milestone for this small business, it also feels like such a windfall to have the opportunity to bring on such an awesome, talented, dedicated human, mom, friend and colleague.

Pivot Marketing's newest hire Molly Donovan
Molly Donovan, Director of Paid Media

So without further ado, I’m thrilled to introduce Pivot Marketing’s first hire and Director of Paid Media, Molly Donovan. Molly brings with her a depth of experience in digital marketing, particularly in the search engine marketing realm, both from a paid and organic perspective. She has held digital marketing roles at Marchex, Champlain College, and most recently at Kellliher Samets Volk where she led paid search strategy for a variety of clients primarily in the renewable energy sector. She has a proven track record of using data-driven results to make informed decisions to help continue to grow brands through their paid search efforts.

Since joining Pivot Marketing, Molly has quickly established herself as an instrumental part of our two-person team. She has dived into projects starting on day one, continues to find new opportunities for improvement and optimizations, brings a fresh perspective, and expands our capacity to execute on high-quality, high-touch client work.

Molly lives in Addison, Vermont with her husband Chad, her 1-year old son Conor, their pup Darvin and their various chickens and pigs. They enjoy all things Vermont + outdoors, including hiking the Green Mountains, gardening on their plot of land, attending outdoor concerts, and all the craft beers, craft coffee and craft fairs.

To learn more about Molly, visit her LinkedIn profile.

Molly and her family at their home in Addison, Vermont.

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