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Growing the Family

And welcoming our newest team member, Ali Winchell.

I’m not going to lie… sometimes, coming to work really does feel like coming home to family. Whether we are together at the Pivot office in Burlington, or on a Zoom call as a team, we are a group that shares our ups and downs. We often know the challenges our teammates are facing in their personal lives, and also get to hear the day-to-day joys they experience too. When we talk about work-life integration at Pivot, we’re not only referring to making space for personal passions and pursuits alongside our professional lives, but also allowing everyone to be their whole self at work. We take pride in being able to celebrate each other, we draw strength in our connections, and we embrace our differences. And this, I believe, is an important part of the foundation we’ve built to foster a supportive culture at Pivot Marketing.

As we grow, a top priority is to continue to embrace this feeling of family and supportiveness. And today we’re so happy to share that we’ve grown a bit more and have added Ali Winchell to the Pivot family (oh, and she also actually happens to already be a member of my own family— my baby sis). Ali joined Pivot Marketing at the end of October as our Jr Web Developer & Analytics Associate. Ali graduated from SUNY Plattsburgh with a BS in Computer Science with a minor in Mathematics and Web Design, making her a perfect fit for digging into websites and geeking out over data analytics and dashboards. Most recently, she worked at Plattsburgh Public Library where she redesigned the website and optimized it for user experience, and also maintained and updated the site as needs and priorities shifted. In her short time at Pivot Marketing (so far), Ali has proven herself to be an invaluable asset to the team. She is eager to jump into any project, she brings a level of insight and expertise on all things website-related, and she has a natural knack for diving into data and analyzing data sets and web metrics.

When she’s not solving a problem in the backend of a website or building a Google Data Studio dashboard, Ali can be found reading or watching a true crime documentary with her four cats, Jasper, Dexter, Kai and Luna, and dog, Buster. Ali also enjoys working on her programming projects, the current one being a mobile app.When she is not being a complete introvert, Ali loves going on hikes, spending time at coffee shops, and hanging out with friends.

Welcome to the Pivot family, Ali!

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