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Did We Just Hire Superwoman?

Updated: Apr 6, 2021

With the launch of Pivot’s new Client Support Center this month, the team is gearing up to more fully support clients as a full-funnel marketing solution. We are looking forward to supporting our clients in a different way - by helping with customer outreach through various methods. And, of course, part of this process means bringing on additional team members to help serve our clients. In a client support role, a team member really needs to be able to bridge two roles— as a Pivot Marketing employee and as an extension and partner of our clients’ team as well. It is no easy feat, and it is a role that requires adeptness in multiple skill sets, including flexibility, advanced multi-tasking, strong management, high level of communication and collaboration, as well as a sophisticated ability to flow between roles. We feel so fortunate to have to have found the ideal person for this role, who not only embodies all these traits, but so much more!

Christa, new Client Success Manager at Pivot Marketing

We are thrilled to welcome Christa Hagan-Howe as our Client Success Manager. Christa will be managing the Client Success Center, and playing a critical role in delivering improved customer success metrics to our clients. In her new role, Christa is in charge of all outreach efforts for our clients - as an extension of their sales or customer service teams. Pivot Client Success Center team will support various communication platforms —

including live chat, outbound phone calls, emails and texting. Christa will lead a support team focused on delivering prompt and accurate communication to a wide range of customers. She will also take the lead in evaluating activities and results to determine effectiveness for future conversion improvements for clients. Identifying new ways to better support customers will open up more opportunities for both product development efforts as well as digital marketing efforts. We are excited to have a direct “feedback loop” to help inform marketing effectiveness and opportunities - with the goal of delivering an even greater “ROI” for our already successful clients.

Christa joins Pivot Marketing after having spent time managing the student services team at Champlain College, where she guided the team through a shift from a low-level call center to a collegiate “one-stop” center for student inquiries and requests, while also contributing to the overall retention efforts of the institution. Prior to that, she served as Champlain College Online’s admissions outreach manager, where she trained, coached, and led a 12-person offsite admissions team through a growth period of increasing enrollment from 800 to 2,500 students. In addition, Christa scheduled, designed, and planned recruitment webinars and events and played an active role in the feedback loop between the marketing team and the admissions team. Most recently, Christa held the role of Diversity Educator at the University of Vermont where she organized and facilitated trainings around social justice, diversity, equity and inclusion for faculty and staff.

Christa and her infant son

In addition to her passion for all things client services/customer experience, Christa enjoys finding trails to traipse around on with her wife, Emily, and their infant son, Rowan-especially when those hikes are followed by delicious beer and baby snuggles. While live music, comedy shows, and dinner parties are pre-pandemic life favorites of hers, Christa has welcomed COVID-safe activities like rearranging furniture, reading on the porch, and buying way too many houseplants as her new hobbies. The first place she hopes to visit once traveling again is Bar Harbor, Maine for beach, forest, and brewery time with the family.

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